2023-12 Physical Law of Cell Growth

2023-12 Complex Cube with Value Number

2022-12 A Dynamical Theory of Communication

2022-12 Centrosome Antenna Hypothesis

2021-12 World Solving Problem, Solving Engine

2021-12 Information Economics on Rarity

2020-12 Quantum Queueing Theory for Fluid

2020-12 Kind Numbers with Edison Operator

2019-12 AI Models with Polygon Graph

2019-12 Physics on Aging and "Gathering"

2018-12 Probability the God Plays Dice is Zero

2018-12 Membrane and Origin of the World

2017-12 Long Growth Strategy of Brain

2017-12 Between Multiverse and Inflation

2016-12 Leap Graph and Probability

2016-12 Polygon Graph and Employment

2015-12 Physical Basis on Brain

2015-12 Turing's Wave Function


2012 Master of Science

2010 Bachelor of Library and Information Science

2004 Prepper of Artistic Architecture


Physics on Holes and Tubes
Complex Isometric Axis
Polygon Graph
Intelligence and Light
Stack, Queue, Poker
Centrome Antenna
Orbi Theory
Complex Value Space
Sieve of Menger
Leap Graph
Coding Surface
Nonedge Theory
Complex Probability
Paste Problem
3 Bit Robot Table
Leaf Number
Observable Decomposition
Pseudonumber log(-n)
Deterministic Quantum Theory
Helical Contraction
Potential Information
Informational Independence
Turing Wave
Economic Degradation
Gross Robot Product
Minimum Demands
Tao Wave, Lao Wave
Erlang Tube Formula
Zeta Flow
Time Revolution
Time Travel Principle
Structure Directivity
Action Potential as Contraction
Prism and Neural Transmittion
Poverty Theory of Glutamic Acid
Cell Growth Law
Stress Equation
Piketty Program
Minus Entropy and Library
Long Distance Strategy
Force of Surface and Information
Anisotropic Light
Negative Emergence
Unmeasurability Problem
Edison Operator
Affordance World
Kanseical Closure
Electromagnetic Selection
Quantum Queueing Theory
World Solving Engine
Detachment Theory


Undiscovered Pure Forms

Surprising Novel Relations

Original Calculation Methods


Willingness But Who Cares?